Ladies Lunch 2021 with Hands on People

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Cake Cutting at The Office

International Women’s day this year has reminded us of the importance of appreciating the roles of lots of different women in our lives. We had a pink cake in our office on the 9th of March, as per Hands on People’s cake tradition. If anything’s cake worthy, best believe it’ll be there and everyone’s getting a slice. We probably run out of paper plates at a regular basis, but who doesn’t like cake?

img 1224
Every guest receives a flower

On a more serious note, on the 16th of March this year, we hosted our very first ladies lunch. Staff, participants and even our stakeholders came and join the fun. Upon arrival everyone is given a small flower to wear to celebrate femininity. Our hardworking Team Leaders Tara and Sibel were super organised and making sure everyone is comfortable and orders are taken care of. Afterwards it’s a good ol’ lunch and chat and lots of catch up happening until the food arrives.

img 1215
Hardworking Teamleaders
img 1233
Greetings to the guests. Hi Robyn!


img 1386
Happy faces

We were graced by the attendance of Kate Worden MLA : Member for Sanderson. Thanks for your kind and inspiring words

img 1455
Kate’s speech accompanied by our Director Sajesh

As the event was coming to a close, Gloria, who happens to be our Zumba class instructor at The Inclusion Centre, brilliantly asked everyone to join her on the floor and we did a dance number together!

img 1517
We’ve got the moves like Jagger!
img 1541
Ana, our Operations Manager, pictured on the far right.

Our Manager Operations Ana was especially thrilled with how everyone came together. Here’s what she has to say :

“I feel so fortunate to work with such incredible women, I have only been with HOP for 6 weeks as the Operations Manager and I can already see how amazing the ladies here are! I feel so fortunate to be a part of this community and that is all thank to you. the work that you all do is invaluable, we need to come together to empower and uphold each other because together we do amazing things.

We at hands on people want to recognise the amazing women who help ensure every day happens and runs smooth, to our office based staff who work tirelessly in the background, we want to thank our team leaders and Co-Ordinator’s who run the day to day operations of everything, we want to thank our stakeholders and community members, To our amazing, empathetic, caring, selfless and hard working support workers caring for our community, you rock and we can not do any of this without you. But most importantly we want to thank our female participants for allowing us to be part of your life and allowing us to care for you”

img 1527
Hopefully we see you all again next year!!



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