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Community Nursing

Hands On People offers Home Care Support services focusing on combining care delivery with health promotion and community development in Darwin, Northern Territory.

Access to Compassionate Patient Care Services

With our skilled and expert nurses, Hands On People is equipped to render a higher level of individual care and support to meet even complex needs of patients.

Our services include but not limited to,

  • Nursing Assessment: Check vital signs includes Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Temperature, and Respiration.
  • Skin Assessment.
  • Administering medications includes Antibiotics, Insulin (monitor BGL), IV Fluids, etc.
  • Wound management includes post-operation wound management, pressure injury wound management,
    VAC Dressing, PICCO Dressing, etc.
  • Palliative care includes End of Life Care, Pain Management, and Managing Syringe Driver.
  • Catheter Management comprises the insertion of Indwelling Catheter (IDC) and Suprapubic Catheter (SPC).
  • PEG management.
  • Tracheostomy care.

Who is eligible to get Community Nursing services?

All veterans, war widows and widowers with a Gold Card can use DVA-funded Community Nursing services. Some White Card holders may also be eligible for DVA-funded Community Nursing services if they meet the criteria.

Our Nursing Team

Our nurses are determined to advocate and assist people to maintain their independence and health by offering comprehensive nursing care. Our dedicated team is committed to respond to any health care needs on chronic, ageing and complex diseases arising from the community. We ensure high quality patient care and support can be delivered from time to time in the community.

Supporting Territorian Veterans

Hands On People is focused on delivering the right support for Territorian Veterans (under the Department of Veteran Affairs), to receive care in the comfort of your own home. This includes health care and personal care services to meet your clinical needs.

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Connect with the right service providers

The team at Hands On People supports you in your activities of daily living (ADL) in many ways by providing you with a wide range of services. You may not need all services, but it’s great to know what’s available.

We can also help you with transportation. We own a range of cars and wheelchair-accessible buses to help you get to your appointments and activities. If you want to come to our inclusion centre, we’ll pick you up and take you back home when your program is finished.

We’ll help you access every care support service you need

Understand your NDIS Plan

Get your NDIS Plan underway

Connect with service providers

Live the life you want

Live the life you want

We help Territorians living with a disability to get the right support faster.

Enjoy life. Feel secure. Greater control.

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