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Dementia Awareness Week: Let’s Be More Compassionate

It is not so rare to see people struggling to remember, think or make decisions that interferes with daily activities. However, this blog of Dementia Awareness sheds light to the prominence of people impacted with Dementia and the need to care for them. Dementia is not a specific disease as it has a collection of symptoms caused by disorders affecting the brain such as memory loss, confusion, personality change, loss of ability to perform daily activities, etc.

As per a report by Dementia Australia, around half a million Australians are impacted by Dementia and it is said to be on a rise which is set to double in next 25 years. Dementia can interrupt a person’s memory, attention, reasoning, language, planning, perception, learning and behaviors. Some of the common behavioral disturbances in people with dementia include agitation, apathy, and mood swings. While many people around us struggle with Dementia, let’s be kind enough to make their lives easier and more comfortable.

Many of us think dementia is a part of elderly life or it mainly affects older people, which is not true. Here are some facts about Dementia as reported by World Health Organisation:

  • Over 55 million people live with dementia worldwide now, where nearly 10 million new cases are being reported every year.
  • Dementia is considered to be one of the major reasons for disability and dependency among elderly people around the world.
  • Dementia is the seventh leading cause of death among all diseases.
  • The impacts of Dementia include physical, psychological, social, and economic, which also affects a person’s carers, families and society at large.


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A small change in our attitude might pave the way for a great difference in people’s lives. Together, let’s hold them closer, care for them and support everyone around us. Let the world be filled with more happy people.


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