Hands on People is no stranger to casual Fridays. But since it’s a celebration of Harmony Day, we’ve decided to take it up a notch. I said to everyone in the office to come to work dressed in outfits that represents themselves truly, in traditional or celebratory outfits that tells me more about each individual’s background and culture. The result? An Office that was full of harmonious colors.

Tell you what, I won’t miss out on any opportunity for a dress-up!

img 1675
From New Zealand to India
img 1663
Overwhelming Swag

A Gift From a Friend

Our Director, Sajesh was happy to receive a gift from our guest from Tiwi Island, Gibson. Gibson described the gift would ‘look after you at night and lets no harm come your way’. Thank you Gibson!

img 1689
Sajesh receives the gift



To enhance the Harmony even more, each of us brought our traditional, beautiful, majestic and mouth watering home cooking masterpieces to share with everybody. We took the chairs away by the desk and set up a table with tablecloths and everything! The food was laid out and everybody got together and eat. If it was up to me, I’d do this every week.

img 1723
Potluck commences
img 1726
Table full of goodies

Harmony Day at The Inclusion Centre

uhd new
Harmony Day Celebration at The Inclusion Centre

Thank you everyone for getting involved and embracing Harmony Day 🙂 – Maria

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