Many people around us are in need of blood or blood products every day to be alive or to treat their medical conditions. Our blood can save people who depend on donors for their very lives – struggling to survive surgeries, cancer treatment, chronic illnesses, traumatic injuries and much more. Since blood has no substitutes and cannot be created manually, the need for blood donation always remains high and significant.

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Benefits of Blood Donation

Donating blood not only helps people desperately needing help but also benefits the donors. As per a recent research, donating blood lower harmful iron stores which also leads to lowering the risk of developing cancer. Studies of American Heart Association showcases that giving blood can reduce the chance of heart attack. It also helps in stimulating blood cell production. Above all, it is also said that donors feel good and achieve peace of mind with the positive thought of helping someone save their life.

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Can You Donate Blood? (Lifeblood Eligibility)

  • Are you 18-75 years old? (You can be older than 75 if you’ve donated in Australia before).
  • You feel fit and healthy, and don’t have a cold, flu or any other illness.
  • You weigh at least 50 kg.
  • You’ve got your photo ID, donor card or the Donate Blood app.
  • You’ve had plenty to eat and drink in the 24 hours before your donation.
  • You’ve had at least 750 mL (3 large glasses) of fluids in the 3 hours before your donation.
  • You’ve been assessed at the blood donor centre (to check you have suitable veins and haemoglobin levels).

One donation can save as many as three lives. So, let’s join our hands to save more lives and make people’s lives better!

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