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In response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, all of us are adapting new ways of interaction to lower personal risks as well as for public health. It is important to have collective action and support from people to deal with the threat of the virus as well as the unprecedented and unanticipated challenges of Covid-19.

Authorities around the world keeps implementing multiple measures to contain the spread and keep everyone safe. Though Covid-19 will have repercussions on our daily activities, it is significant to take precaution and be prepared to continue with our routines. Every time you disregard the regulations, please remember you are putting yourself and others at risk, increasing the potential to spread the virus. Some of our responsible behaviours can be the key behaviours for the foreseeable future of everyone.

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It is crucial to play your role responsibly discourage any action that may harm yourself and to protect the vulnerable. This also includes sharing of information on online patforms with regard to covid as there are many misinformation and scams goin on that generates fear and anxiety among people. It is recommeded to always check the source or use official site for seeking information and guidelines. To follow Northern Territory public guidelines, keep an eye on NT Health website.


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