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Spark the Creativity in You with Practical Skills, Paul Says!

Our resident creative Paul Johnes shares his thoughts on Arts.

paul xo
Paul with his X and O

“I love to do arts and I try many forms of it – Painting on canvas, t-shirts, ceramics, etc. This boosts my creativity, keeps me engaged and helps me to be productive. Wood burning art is one of my current interests that makes me occupied. This is an age-old method where I use a hot metal rod or pen to burn the carved wood to design a pattern or decorate it.

paul and his table of arts
Paul and his Artworks

The Inclusion Centre has always been a space of opportunities and encouragement for me. When I tried wood burning once at the centre, I have found many of my friends are keen on it. They have asked me to guide them to try the same and the space was happy to organize everything for us to do wood burning in a safe environment. I was happy to share my skills and knowledge to my peers and it made my day when I saw their efforts and beautiful works.

paul and sw

I believe everyone has got their own ideas and creativity. Sometimes, we just need a push or support in our life to achieve our goals, and this is one of the reasons I love to be at the centre. I have always been encouraged and appreciated for my works, which has turned many of my stressful days to days of happiness and possibilities.”

Thanks Paul! We love having you at The Inclusion Centre.


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