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Finally, the much awaited season is here! Christmas is a magical season for children. The festive, holiday season gives so much of josh to all of us and we are all set to live it to the fullest. However, we also have people around who cannot live on their own but rely on professional care support and assistance.


Most of them love to celebrate the season’s joy and enjoy the little moments – like we do. But this time of the year signals an insecurity or stress in many disabled people as they fear to experience a difficult and lonely time. While striving for a more inclusive community, The Inclusion Centre was determined to bring the magic of Christmas to many people’s lives.


The efforts of the centre have turned these fears into brighter smiles as the lunch program paved the way to connect with their friends and other people in the community in a safe and supported way. While social isolation stays as one of the reasons for many people’s distresses, the opportunity to build and develop meaningful connections like these can make people’s day.

Celebrating Christmas is not only about the festivity or merrymaking but it is a great opportunity to embrace people around us and in our community. It is true that access and inclusion takes time and needs a lot of care, but it is possible and worth it, if you can make someone’s day. So, reach out to people in your life to wish them and spread happiness as they will cherish these moments, for sure. Let’s look forward to a better, safer, happy and prosperous New Year 2022!


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