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The 4 best aspects about Allied Health

The roles include but are not limited to:

  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Pathologists
  • Dieticians
  • Athletic trainers/ PT

The role for Allied Health professionals in the NDIS industry is particularly important. Due to the complex individual cases for NDIS participants Allied Health professionals need to employ different techniques and have deeper considerations for their practice. They can make an enormous difference in the outcomes a participant can have.


  1. Personalised 

As participants have varying and often complex needs Allied Health professionals use techniques which are tailored to the individual. They do not force a ‘one size fits all approach’ when it comes to their treatment. HOP Allied Health Manager Naomi Gronow states “As an Occupational Therapist and Manager of Allied Health we listen and look for those barriers and work with you for solutions to remove, reduce or adapt to barriers so you can be, move and do what is most important to you and those you connect to”.

Listening, understanding, and focussing on care that suit the needs of an individual are key to the personalised care that Naomi delivers.

  1. Comfort 

Allied Health professionals aim to encompass flexibility to bring maximum comfort to the participant. When a participant feels comfortable and trusts their Allied Health worker then real progress can flourish. Building that personal connection is crucial for trust, while being flexible about where sessions take place can provide true comfort. Hosting at the participants home or in a place they feel comfortable is an important step to a successful journey. Another is through open communication, truly understanding what their participant finds difficult or confronting is the best way in managing these feelings.


  1. Diverse care 

Care provided by Allied Health workers is not only personalised and comfortable, but also highly specialised and diverse. Allied Health are one of the largest groups of registered NDIS providers with notable variation across professions. To give perspective, Allied Health Professions Australia is the peak body for Allied Health, and they list a total of 26 services.  This diverse care means that you get the most suitable support in every situation, no matter how complex.


  1. Long term focus

The design of Allied Health is to improve the overall quality of a participant’s life. They do this through careful consideration of the individual and via creating a system to gradually improve over a longer time horizon. Allied Health professionals do this through building, implementing, and refining patient care plans. These plans have incorporated the individual’s goals for independence, as well as medical and plan goals.


These are the reasons Allied Health is such a crucial sector within the NDIS. They provide life changing outcomes through a myriad of professionals, that are person centered, comforting and with long term goals in mind. HOP offers Allied Health services and has experience staff who are ready to provide quality care.


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