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Top 6 Tips To Remember When Picking a SIL House

Moving out on your own is a big deal, the decision has some lasting impacts on your lifestyle. Choosing the right SIL (Supported Independent Living) house is an important first step to having more independence. But as great as that is, there seems to be a dizzying number of things to remember when picking your SIL house. So, we’ve laid out 6 top tips to ensure you pick the perfect home for you.


1. Roommates – You will want roommates that have similar schedules and have a similar vibe to you with a house that has welcoming atmosphere. To figure out the right match you can ask questions about:

  • Their general interests
  • If they engage in group activities or do solo activities
  • How the work is divided around the house
  • What their work schedule is like
  • What the atmosphere is like, a calm and quite or a busy and loud house

Figuring these aspects out early can prevent uncomfortable living situations further down the line. Everyone is different with various living conditions, finding the best match for your personality will result in a smooth transition to your SIL house.

2. Ratio & Support – The ratio depends on the level of support needed and refers to how many carers to participants will provide support. You will want a house that has ratio that suits your requirements. Further, it’s worth asking about the carer staff. If you have specialist requirements, ask if staff are trained to meet your needs.

3. House Inspection – Be sure to check the house out to see if it contains the elements that you find enjoyable. Look for things like:

  • Is the backyard big enough for you?
  • What’s the location like and are there local services nearby (Shops, transport, library)?
  • Does it have the right amenities to accommodate your needs (Spacious hallways for wheelchair access, toilet that is PWD friendly, shower seats)?
  • Is the house secure with a fence and locks on doors and windows?

4. The price – A big determiner is your budget and how much you are willing to spend on the house. Ask questions about the monthly rent, if there are additional expenses like utilities and when you need to start paying rent. Although these questions may feel uncomfortable, they are necessary to see if the house suits your financial situation.

5. Visitor policy – Every household is different and sometimes there are rules in place which restrict the number of visitors you can have and the times they can visit. Make sure you enquire about the visitor policy in the house to see if it aligns with your own requirements. You want your new home to be comfortable and suit your needs, and the other house members want the same thing. Finding that common understanding is key to a balanced, happy household.

6. It’s okay to be picky – It’s important to never feel pressured into selecting a SIL home. This is your decision and need to select an outcome that benefits you. Everyone has different requirements when selecting a home, we are all unique. So, feel free to shop around and look at a variety of houses before you say yes to a SIL home.


Hopefully these tips offer some insight when you are picking your new SIL house. At Hands On People, we have a range of accommodations with specialised staff who allow you to live an enjoyable, independent life. To learn more click here:


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