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Many studies recently show that people with disabilities experience more psychological distress compared to other people. This may lead to poor health behaviours, restricted daily living activities, increased use of health services, etc. It is significant to remember that the nature and extent of a person’s disability can contribute to their health experiences.

At Hands On People, we believe capacity building helps in improving the quality of life of people with disabilities. Our services are intended to build independence and skills to achieve long-term goals. There are many other ways that can help reduce the stress such as,

Creating a better atmosphere at home or accommodation:

The place a person lives plays a major role in creating or transforming his/ her feelings. If the atmosphere at home can make a person cheerful or peaceful, it helps in their wellbeing. Hands On People provides accommodation where people feel right at home with friendly and caring staff.

Social and Community Participation:

Most people would get bored after being home for long hours and would love to go out for some fresh air or a walk. A person may like to spend some time in their garden or would like to go to a park or beach for a walk. It is also great to join social activities where one can meet new people or friends to spend some time with. Our services include social and community participation where a person is taken out to the community or social activities by a friendly caregiver.

Regular Exercise and Nutrition:

Exercise helps all individuals live a better healthy life. There are various forms of exercises that any person can do regardless of their disabilities such as walking, swimming, water aerobics, etc. Nutrition is as important to keep your lifestyle healthy. It is always advised to stick on to natural and home-made meals over fast food or junk food as artificial sweeteners and additives can cause a negative impact.

The staff at HOP tries to encourage all our participants to get active and participate in some exercises. The participants are offered home-cooked meals to improve their health and try to avoid unhealthy food practices that can adversely affect their health.


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