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International Women’s Day 2023

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Respecting the embrace equity theme with the Panel Discussion attendees


This year HOP hosted 2 events for IWD. Both with the aim of engaging with our community and honouring the crucial role women play in our organisation.


Panel Discussion

For IWD 2023 HOP decided to do something different. The disability industry in the NT is a small community, where most providers work with or know of all other providers. While we often worked together, sometimes on a daily basis, there seemed to be a lack of genuine connection between service providers. We thought what can be a good way to connect with other service providers and highlight the fantastic achievements of women in our industry? So, we decided to host an industry focused panel discussion with 3 inspiring women.

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Our panelists in action 

Support Coordinators, founders and industry people from various organisations came together to network. They also got to her about and reflect on the careers of 3 successful industry women and learned their positioning on key questions. The result was a relaxed, enjoyable event where people had the chance to connect, face to face with people they had been communicating with for months via email. We also received some key insight into the senior roles that our female panelists. It was lovely being able to socialise with our community and we can’t wait for the next event.

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Attendees mingling



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The passionate voice of Chelsea Moyd-Monagle


To thank the women who are close to HOP we put on a thank you lunch. This wasn’t just for participants, this was open to office staff, former participants, family members of former participants, and industry women.

img 7262
Our participants enjoying lunch

We wanted to emphasis that once you become part of the HOP family you remain part of the HOP family, regardless if you have moved on from the organisation. This was also an opportunity to thank those strong and caring women who are such an important part of our organisation.

img 7268
A speech highlighting the importance of the day

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