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We sat down with our Support Coordinator Team Leader Ajay to ask him, in this competitive sector what our Support Coordination team does differently than to others.

ajay and margaret2
Support Coordination Team Leader Ajay with our participant Margaret

“As a Support Coordination team leader, I’ve gathered that what we do here at Hands On People starts with a holistic approach.

Support coordination can be a complex and lengthy process. Not only that we coordinate the supports as per their NDIS plan goals, but when a participant walks through our doors, I recognize that a person’s needs and lives aren’t always defined by their disability. Things that make a person can range from their background, their social circle, their hopes, and aspirations. Where and from who exactly do they need assistance and how can they get them. Understanding these aspects take more time and we take time to assess and understand them so things can come together.

We are certainly not limited by a participant’s NDIS funding when it comes to Support Coordination. It does put us on very busy days, but we wouldn’t do it any other way. Compromising someone’s well-being means compromising the quality of care. If a participant walks in without an NDIS plan, we can certainly help them step by step to access the NDIS if they’re eligible and if they are not eligible we can guide them to the right supports. Building a really good network and knowing what supports are out there and making a connection is something that helped us thrive.

Myself and my coworker is both qualified to do Level 3 Specialist Support Coordination. Having a background in Social Work played a lot to our advantage of being able to do a case management approach especially when working with complex participants. We work closely with our Director Sajesh who is also a Social Worker by profession, we are always on the same page on how we work with participants. Recently our team has been introduced by a new Support Coordinator that has a Clinical background which has really helped us working with Allied Health professionals, Doctors, and Nurses . She implements the care plan with the support team as recommended by the health professionals.

We’re glad to have you in our team, Rowena!

The initial stage of finding the right support for a participant is very important of course, but also maintaining and making sure we’re on top of every follow-up and keeping our participants and their decision-makers informed, that is crucial. To us, maintaining a good relationship with participants, their families and their stakeholders are the key to ensuring that the support plan is clear and achievable at all ends.

Lastly. We have regular meetings with services and departments to put ourselves in their shoes. For instance, we work together with a participant’s care team to solve problems and understand how care delivery can be better for a particular participant.

I’d like to thank all participants and stakeholders who are working together with us, we learn something new every day and I’m always keen to improve on how we as Hands On People can better ourselves in delivering our services”


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