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ZUMBA at The Inclusion centre – Beyond Music, Rhythm and Dance


We are sure most of you will be familiar with Zumba – as an effective dance workout. However, at our center, the Zumba sessions might not be what you expect.

Did you know that you don’t need to be a great dancer to join our group exercise sessions here?

If you love music, you would love Zumba too with its upbeat music and energy it spreads around. You don’t have to dance with the fast-paced music just focusing on burning calories or losing weight. Our personalized sessions are tailored as per your needs and requirements.

We organized Zumba to help our participants maintain a healthy active lifestyle and relieve their stress in a fun, positive environment with an energetic group. Our Zumba sessions are one of the most awaited days by our participants as it allows them to meet and interact with a fun-loving, perky group of people.

No matter how old you are, Zumba works for all ages. The involvement in Zumba helps many of our participants to boost their mood, strengthen their heart and muscles in arms, shoulders, chest, etc. It increases flexibility and is considered to be a great form of cardiovascular aerobic exercise. The workout helps in the improvement of coordination with the movement of arms or legs with repeated movements that uplifts the confidence in our participants.

So now what are you up to? Come and give it a try. Join these fun, energetic sessions at The Inclusion Centre with us, making you a stronger, happier, confident person.


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